About Me

1.  I love running! I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. I was the kid in school that was either sick on “Let’s see how fast you can run a mile day” or just happened to be absent for that class (Sorry mom!). But fortunately for me I have an amazing husband that inspired me to start running. You can read all about it here…..

2.    I’m a total girlie girl. I love everything pink, books/movies that make me cry, and anything sparkly!

3.    I pretend that I’m Martha Stewart (the crafty part not the Inmate part). I love baking, crafting, and anything with a glue gun!

4.    I’m a crazy cat lover!
Seriously...how can you not love that little face? 

5.    I grew up in Virginia but moved to Texas in 2005 for “just a year” and we are still happily living here. If only I could pick up our family and move them here….then it would be perfect.

6.     Like I mentioned before…I was never a runner or an athlete. I grew up dancing and twirling my way thru childhood.

7.    I ran my first Half Marathon in 2011 and was immediately hooked. If only I had an endless supply of cash for the entry fees….I would be signed up for some type of race every weekend.

8.    I love photography…I'm far from knowing what I’m doing but I love to learn.

9.    I’m addicted to Instagram!

10.   I LOVE sweets! I completely blame my husband for this one….the only person I know that can have a bowl of ice cream every night and still not gain a pound. Argh!!!! 
Love a little late night run to DQ!